The Money Box Museum is currently closed due to Corona restrictions as we cannot handle control of Coronapas.

We look forward to seeing you when we are expected to reopen on August 1, 2021.

The only museum in Denmark for money boxes is in Randers.

The museum's impressive collection of old money boxes shows the most common types of Danish money boxes (Danish: sparebøsse), but the collection also contains money boxes from many other countries.

When you step into the Savings Box Museum, it's like stepping into a completely different world. It is a world filled with the history of savings, primarily illustrated by means of a very large collection of money boxes from all over the world. The oldest of them date back to the 16th century and thus provides an exciting insight into the history of money boxes.

Many of the money boxes were originally purchased as gifts for children to save coins and banknotes, and given that many of the money boxes had to be smashed to pieces in order to get at the savings, it is surprising that so many of them have been preserved and remain intact.

Wellcome to Sparebøssemuseet.



The only museum in Denmark for money boxes is in Randers.

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