The Savings Box Museum in Randers is operated by a foundation and the collection of saving boxes has been around for many years.

The museum's collection of money boxes was expanded significantly in 2004, when it received a large and rare collection of money boxes from the former Sparemuseum at Klarskovgaard near Korsør, where the Danish savings banks jointly operated a museum for many years. When it closed down, the Savings Box Museum in Randers was offered the opportunity to take over the collection.

Today the Savings Box Museum contains more than 3500 money boxes from all over the world.

Money boxes in all shapes and sizes

A money box is characterized by being hollow and having a crack where coins and bankotes can be placed. Money boxes can be shaped like pigs, teddy bears, birds, elves, animals, buses and much more. Some have a lock that needs a key to open, and others need to be broken to get the money out. 

Another name for a money box is piggy bank, because many of the first Danish money boxes was shaped like a pig.